PokerRPG is a alternate online work filled with not only poker fans, but RPG fans as well. In the new Web 2.0 environment, different websites get mashed together, so we decided that gaming should be no different. As the name of the game suggests, we took the wildly popular online poker and did something that had never been done before, we merged the poker genre with the role playing game, changing the face of online gaming forever.

PokerRPG is the world's first online poker role playing game. Create your character, join up with friends, and advance your worldwide career to the next level as you explore the poker world, build your house, invest in the poker stocks, and play free online poker with real people.

FREE to Play

That's right, unlike the big players, PokerRPG is free to play to all users! Not only does this allow us to serve the game to users under 18, but we can offer the game to anyone from beginners to advanced players. At no time will you ever be forced to pay a single penny to play PokerRPG (though if you want to pitch in a few dollars for some added perks we won't complain).

No Downloads

Most all of the large poker sites around require you to download their software to play poker, but here at PokerRPG everything operates right in your browser window! We have developed a method with emerging technology to offer a top of the line poker experience right in your browser without the need for any plugins.

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